Parks and Open Spaces Questionnaire

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About the Parks and Open Spaces
Overall how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the Parks and Open Spaces in the Gedling Borough? *

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How easy is it for you to access and get around the park or open space? *

Are you happy with the range of facilities on the Park? *

If you have an improvement priority what might it be?

Friends of
We support and encourage "Friends of" groups for our parks and open spaces. A "friends of" group is a collection of people who voluntarily help to look after the park or open space. These groups are involved in the upkeep and development, as well as organising events and educational use of the site. Anyone is welcome to join and we are particularly keen to see a wide representation from a range of interest groups.
Would you be interested in joining or learning more about your local "Friends of" *

Equalities Monitoring
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