Food Hygiene Rating Scheme: Request for Revisit
Business Details
 Food business operator/proprietor
 Business name
 Business address
 Business telephone
 Business email
 Date of inspection
 Food hygiene rating given
Revisit Reasons
Please describe the remedial action you have taken with reference to the issues identified in the inspection letter/report provided to you by your local authority with your score:
 Compliance with food hygiene and safety procedures
 Compliance with structural requirements
 Confidence in management/control procedures
Please provide any other supplementary evidence (e.g. photographs, invoices, copies of relevant HACCP documentation etc.): 
 (i) Supplementary evidence
 (ii) Supplementary evidence
 (iii) Supplementary evidence
 I declare that the details stated on this form are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and should any details change I will notify Gedling Borough Council immediately.
 Your name
 Your position
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