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Fly-Tipping Details
 What date and time did you notice the fly-tipped rubbish?
 What has been fly-tipped?
 What is the quantity of waste? e.g. Boot load, transit load etc.
 Could the waste be a danger to the public i.e drums which could contact hazardous or toxic chemicals, asbestos, broken glass?

 If 'Yes' please give details
 Location (please give as much detail as possible)
 Did you witness the fly tipping incident?

Suspect Details
 How many people did you see dumping the rubbish, what did they look like? e.g. Age, height, hair colour, clothes etc.
 What type of vehicle was used? (e.g. Car, Van, Lorry, etc.)
 Make and Model of vehicle
 Colour of Vehicle
 Registration Number
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