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IMPORTANT: This is the address where the items will be located.

Enter the postcode and click search to find and automatically fill in the address. If your address is not found you will need to contact us on 0115 901 3621.

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Electrical items must be booked on a separate collection to non electrical items.
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The item(s) must be easily accessible at the nearest point to the road, on ground level, with enough room to manoeuvre any large items.
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We will only take items that are on our list. No credit or refund will be offered if you put out different items, or less items than you have specified below.

Please choose your items. The first item is £14.00 and each additional item is £5.00 each.

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If you have other household items (things you would normally take with you if you moved) that are not on our list, please call to see if we can take them.


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Please make sure you have your Debit Card at hand. Your card provider may also ask for your Visa Verify password as part of the payment process.

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