Report a Breach of Planning Control
Conditions of service
Gedling Borough Council reserves the right not to investigate your complaint or enquiry if you have not completed this form adequately. Gedling Borough Council will not investigate anonymous complaints.
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 Please describe what has happened/ what your complaint relates to. If it relates to a planning application please ensure you include the application number(s) and what conditions you think are not being complied with or how the development does not comply with the planning permission.
 Please explain how this breach affects you.
 Why do you consider breach of planning legislation has taken place? Eg. Unauthorised use of land or building built without formal planning consent
 When did you first become aware of the breach (date and time)?
 Where on the site has the alleged breach taken place?
 If your complaint relates to the building of structures please give estimated dimensions of the structure(s) or building(s) in metres:
 Height to top of roof
 Eaves height 
 If your complaint relates to an activity or use of a site, how often does this activity occur? Please record in the following box the dates, times, occurences, harm caused, and evidence obtained:
 If you have any site plans / documents / photographs / or other types of evidence, please upload them here. Please note that only one upload is possible therefore if you have more than one document upload them as part of one compressed zip file. The following documents and files type are accepted: Zip, Word, Adobe PDF, Wordpad, Notepad, rtf, txt, gif, jpg, jpeg, bmp, tif.
 I confirm that the information given in this questionnaire is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
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